We are the Encinitas Sasquatch Association

Wander often, wonder always ✨

Founded in 2016, the Encinitas Sasquatch Association celebrates Bigfoot’s love of America’s finest town. Over the years there have been several well documented sightings of the elusive sasquatch as he and his family make their way south for the winter. Some say that they have heard the creature speak of how the sand, the sea, and the great vibe our town has makes it a favorite stop for all creatures on their journeys.

We unite and inspire people who believe that there is something out there.

We believe that there is an endless amount of things to be discovered, even in our own backyards.

We believe that positivity and an open mind can change the world for good.

We look up, choose kindness always, say f&%ck yeah, and are rarely prepared.

A legendary association powered by legendary people 💪

Ryan Dranginis
Chief of Expeditionary Research

Allison Palmer
Chief of Wonder

Jeanette Cohen
Chief of Positivity & Awesomeness

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